Redesigned Pneumatics has turned the
Twister line into the best on the market
Dry Chemical Recovery / Recharge
TWISTER for 2018
Available With Filter Jar or Our Original Bypass System
Twister ll for 2018
New Auto Filter Cleaning on our Twister Model is
ONLY available from Diamondback Equipment.
Cleans even the fine powders without jars to

Simply turn a valve and the jar contents is
returned to the hopper while the filter is cleaned.

Filter jars have always been optional but not
necessary on Twister Systems. Some customers
preferring this option.
As with all dry chemical refill systems, constant
overfilling can fill the vacuum line with powder on
systems without the filter jar feature and can
require cleaning.
            New Style Fill Head

* Pneumatic cylinder seals the fill head tight.
* Over fill tube fills to weight the first time.
* Keeps the head in place
* Can be ordered separately or with unit
Twister 175 .....175 lb Capacity    15"x 15"x 37" Ht  -  Shop or Portable
Twister 500......500 lb Capacity    24"x 24"x 80" Ht  - Wheeled units or handhelds     
Twister 50.....50 lb Capacity  12"x 12"x 25" Ht  - Low Profile Portable

* Filter  can be mounted outside for a truly clean working environment
* Aerator design keeps chemical fluid and moving with no packing
* New sure seal fill head
* True vacuum tubing is light weight and flexible

60047      Twister 50
With Console $695.00

60004     Twister 175  
With Console $795.00

60011   Twister 500
With Console $2150.00

Unlike other recovery / recharge systems the Twister has a solid top.
Spent Nitrogen from the discharged extinguisher is exhausted by a hose
that leads to our filter. This filter can be mounted on an inside  or outside
Nitrogen used to create a vacuum is routed to the filter instead of blowing
dust into your shop.
Fluff feature first introduced by Diamondback Equipment uses
Nitrogen to break up tunneling and keep the powder fluid.
Our Standard Fill Head seals fast to even hard to seal extinguishers.
The Easy Clean Jar Filter has been added to catch over flow.

* Inlet pressure to 3000 PSI
* Stainless Steel Braid Charge Line
* 3 Way Fill Valve
* Quick Connect Fits Competitor Fittings
* 2nd Low Pressure Regulator for Twister


* Inlet pressure to 3000 PSI
* Stainless Steel Braided Line
* 3 Way fill valve
* Quick Connect Fits Competitor Fittings
* Two Low Pressure Regulators

$ 305.00
1/4 " Quick Connect Fittings
Fits Twister and competitor models

Male  Straight

Female Straight

* Internal steel frame

* High impact Polyethylene top outer will not come
apart and is waterproof for many years of use.

* Inexpensive filters

* Work light built in

* Fill and fluff switches built in

* Vacuum gauge built in

* Easy clean filter jar included

* 120 volt plug ins included

* Blow gun assembly included

* Bench vise included

* Pulls fine powders into the filter and away from the


* With 130 # digital scale
* With Twister 50
* With Twister 175
Replaces out of date consoles with our
patented design.
* Built in Low Pressure Regulator
* Auto Clean Filter / Jar
* Fluff Feature Install Components
* Easy To Mount Without Opening
* Mounts to Wall or Twister
* Easy Plug in Connection
* Only TOP Quality Internal Components
* Replaces Any  Console

Single     60115      $395

Clean extinguishers of remaining powder without
Empties cartridge op extinguishers
Recovers the powder back to the hopper
Clean for inspection
Clean for Hydro-Testing
U.S. Patent applied for

            NEW Twister Fill Port

Snap the fill lid on new pails and fill without
ever opening the hopper!
Twister Lid Kits